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Logistical Support Services
Facilities Management Support
Research & Program Evaluation
Technical Support Services
Staff Development & Training
Educational Support Services

Experience and Expertise

At PrimeStar Industries, we pride ourselves on being able to commit the specific resources necessary to meet the consulting service needs of our clients. We match the specific skill sets and expertise of our consultants to ensure that customer needs are fully met.


A Broad Spectrum of Consulting Services


PrimeStar Industries offers a broad and diverse array of consulting, technical, and management support services. From facilities support management, program evaluation, research and analysis, training and strategic planning, and environmental and logistical support services to management and organizational reviews, executive and leadership skills training, workforce planning, work process reengineering, and event/conference management services, PrimeStar Industries is prepared to deliver the consulting services needed by our clients.

PrimeStar Industries creates programs for leaders seeking to assess, modify and transform their organizational culture.

Capabilities and Products

Areas of Specialization
Technical AssistanceConsultation
Program Planning, Implementation, and EvaluationResearch Services
Project and Program ManagementIntervention Services
Management Support ServicesYouth and Family Development
Staff Development and TrainingNeeds Assessment and Focus Group Sessions
Program DevelopmentPolicy Development and Analysis
Educational Support ServicesCapacity Building

Performance RubricsIntervention Plans
SurveysOutreach Plans
Attitudinal ScalesBehavior Modification Plans
Analysis ToolsSchool Improvement Plans
WorkshopsEquity Plans
Program ModelsOrganizational Climate/ Culture Plans